Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ocean of Darkness

A new year and no new insights or light at the end of the tunnel.

A dark time for several reasons and so no blogging.

The one leading seems to be to withdraw from the Quaker blogosphere, since it does not seem to provide any real interaction and I seem to add very little if anything that prompts interaction.


  1. Tom, I've been reading your postings faithfully since last October. I haven't been commenting in part because my life has been busy, and in part because your postings have lately been quite abstract, without any clear connection to the issues I myself am grappling with. My silence hasn't meant I've been uninterested; it's only meant that I had nothing worthwhile to contribute.

    I won't be offended if you're silent for some long while here, but I hope you'll post again when you feel so moved.

  2. Marshall,

    Thanks for your words. I have heard the same concern of abstractness several times before an since that is the way I seem to come across while I am trying to be as direct as I can, I feel I am not contributing much but distraction or "confusion." At this point in my life, personal, professional, financial, legal, etc. concerns seem almost overwhelming and the ocean of darkness seems very large. I do believe that the ocean of light can overcome, but ... .

  3. There's certainly no reason that blogging should feel like a burden. I often go in fits and spurts. I'm subscribed to your blog and will happily read whatever you write whenever you write it and hope that the veils of darkness around you lift soon.

  4. Hi Tom! I just found your Blog. Whether or not you continue to write, it's nice to hear your thoughts.

  5. Tom,
    As Dad once said at a pray breakfast in Goldsburo our family has a "Paradox", and then he said both of my sons have PhDs. I remember our parents love and sense of humor with great fondness.
    I know that much is weighing on you but some time just expressing yourself can lead to a different if not better out look.
    Your thoughts on the Society of Friends and our Faith and Practice have always been meaningful to me. We both have a wide view of the Society of Friends and its historic development. An understanding that the "Pecular People" are not just odd but are those who are aware "experimentally" that there is an Inward Teacher that can lead us to a more fufilling life.
    I hope this and the other comments encourage you to continue the experiment. I really like the idea that Fox was aware of Bacon and Newton.


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